THE EVIDENCE ROOM is open during normal museum opening times.


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4 thoughts on “The Evidence Room

  1. When will colley lane silent movie be on the website as my daughter has been chosen many thanks


  2. I know who Emily Bryant and Alice cocking were. In fact there was a third adopted child. Her name was Eliza Cockin. I am a relative of Emily and eventually inherited from Albert Charles Haden Bassano. He lived at Hadenholme Haden Hill and was the son of one of the inheritors of Best the other inherited Charles Bassano. Many objects in Haden Hill House were once mine.


    • I know who the adopted children were. In fact there was a third Eliza. I left comments above but having read it I realised I had left spelling errors I meant Alfred Charles Haden Bassano. I also knew Vera, daughter of Charles Bassano and inherited half of her money also. She had one illegitimate chile Peter who I knew and his wife Hilda. Their surname became Ashe due to a brief marriage . If you want to know more my phone number is available if you contact me via email first


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